Save your shocks...

Shock maintenance is a necessity. Keeping them fresh with oil and seals will allow them to work as intended, but minimizing damage from debris is also a very big part of it.

Pitted shafts can cause your seals to fail prematurely, possibly costing you an unnecessary service interval. Keep your shafts protected from flying rocks, sand and more by adding shock protectors. It is the cheapest insurance you can get and is less than the cost of new shafts.

We have them in stock, so be sure to order a set to be sure you get them for your next ride or for stocking stuffers for your Elka ATV rider. We can easily add a set and install them during your next shock service as well.



#1 and #2 for 2010 ITP Quadcross series!!

Roll Design / Elka equipped riders Dustin Nelson and Beau Baron showed once again how fast they are by putting on an amazing day of racing. The 2nd moto saw Beau make a last corner charge that put his front tires along side Dustins rear across the checkered flag for a rediculously exciting finish!!

Dustin Nelson took both moto wins and the 2010 Pro 450 Production class championship (his 4th!!) with Beau Baron taking 2nd in both motos and 2nd in the championship!

Congratulations guys, its a privilege to work with you both.


Team MCR / Maxxis Dominates Lake Elsinore Pro ATV Grand Prix

MCR's Beau Baron and Davi Haagsma finished 1-2 in the 42nd running of the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix. Beau Baron got the holeshot followed by Davi Haagsma and the two MCR teamates never looked back, beating third place by just over four minutes. Darrel Patton finished third with Baja Champion Danny Prather mere seconds behind him in fourth.

After his first Elsinore Grand Prix experience, MCR's Beau Baron commented that " The race course was exceptionally fast, and truly a lot of fun. Having thousands of local fans cheering you on, while racing next to housing tracts and the 15 freeway was a very unique experience."

If winning the ATV class was not enough, in preparation for Sunday's ATV race, MCR's Beau Baron raced Saturday's Lights Expert Class on his RMZ 250 motorcycle winning the overall. Then Beau and his MCR teamate Davi Haagsma entered the motorcycle teamrace, finishing 4th overall in front of a handful of factory supported motorcycle teams.


Everybody Whiplash!!

Results are coming in from this weekends final race in the Whiplash series in AZ.
Whiplash Closed Course racing happened on Saturday with the Desert series on Sunday. Check out some of the amazing results from Roll Design / Elka equipped bikes. These results also happen to be customers of ours that we have been working with on setup during the WORCS series to help get the bikes working for each riders needs.

The Hancock Racing / LKH Farming team was out in full force with Matt Hancock and Joshua Edwards. The team absolutely killed it with 4 wins and 4 Championships!
Saturday: Matt went 1-1 for the overall in ATV Open Expert and took home the 2010 ATV Open Whiplash Closed Course Championship! Joshua took the overall win in the Open Pro
and got the 2010 ATV Open Pro Whiplash Closed Course Championship!

Matt got the win in Open Expert and took the 2010 Whiplash Off-Road Racing ATV Open Expert Championship! Joshua took the win and secured the 2010 Open Pro Championship!
Wow, what a weekend for the Hancock Racing / LKH Farming team! Congratulations guys.

Daniel Parker #79 and Reed Ribotta #479 have been working closely with us on getting a setup that works well on the LT-R for the West Coast racers. Daniel went 1-1 on Saturday in the ATV Vet Pro class and took 2nd behind super-fast Pro John Shafe in Sundays Desert race. Reed went 2-2 for a 2nd overall in the 30+ Novice on Saturday and took the win in Sundays desert race in the 30+ Novice!

Great job to all of you, we enjoy working with you and look forward to the next race together!


Elka Shock Protectors - Limited Availability! $79.95

- Lightweight shock protector made of durable polypropylene plastic composite material
- Design is optimized to combine strength, protection and weight savings
- 2-Piece design that includes a CNC-machined (billet aluminum) spring retaining clip
- Fits existing Elka Suspension shocks (see fitment and compatibility below)
- Weights only 7.1 oz (204 gr.) for the pair
- Protection of the shock’s shaft from damage caused by debris such as roost, rocks, sand that could lead to premature wear and/or oil leaks
- Enhanced look and functionality to further protect your investment
- Helps prevent expensive repairs and downtime for racing applications
Fitment and compatibility
7-1/4” high (185mm), 3-1/4” maximum outside diameter (83mm)

Fits existing Elka Suspension shocks (36mm body) in emulsion,
piggyback or remote reservoir configurations

Fits most popular vehicles and aftermarket a-arms applications


Dale Salazar Jr. takes the 70 Production Class Championship!

Congratulations to WORCS racer Dale Salazar Jr. for already taking the championship in the 70 production class! He is currently in 2nd place in the 70 open and 8-15 sport with final standings to be decided in Mesquite, NV at the last round. Dale was one of the first customers to the West Coast Elka Service Center and we are happy to see him do so well. Great racing and see you at the next round Dale Jr!


Juie Russell - Womens A Champ!

Congratulations to Julie Russell for taking the win as well as the WORCS 2010 Womens A class championship this last weekend at Glen Helen! The MCR team is no stranger to victories and this is the second #1 plate to be handed to them already this season!

Julie not only is fast on the bike, she keeps the pit crew organized and quick for the rest of the team during Sundays Pro and Pro-Am races showing that this team has depth and a whole lot of talent.

Congratulations Julie!



Robert Nahas - 2010 Rally Dos Sertoes

Robert sent us some photos from this years race, they are great and we wanted to share. We will be following Team RNN on the 2011 Dakar Rally with daily updates which will be very exciting!


Congratulations Beau Baron and Team MCR!!

Having someone like Mike Cafro running a team is a big deal. He, and the rest of his team and pit crew know what it takes to win and once again all the hard work and effort put in ahead of time paid off. Beau was smooth and fast and unstoppable all weekend. Winning everything from fast qualifying, to Endurocross and then the main event.

The MCR team made the 25+ hour drive to Washington a few weeks prior to the event in order to test the narrower Roll Design front end and suspension setups. There was a ton of communication between Doug Roll and Mike Cafro to achieve the correct Elka shock setup and put Beau on top of the podium against the top Factory racers from both East and West coast!

Davi Haagsma clinched the Pro-Am division championship and will be running with the Pro's in Glen Helen, looking forward to seeing it! Congratulations to Julie Russell as well, for her win!!


Utility GO!

We love our Sport Utility quads. We just setup this Grizzly 700 on all corners with Stage 4 Elites with High and Low speed compression adjustment for control in the corners, on the rocks and even to blow right through the occasional log in the trail. If you love your utility as much as we do, be sure to contact us to get you setup and leave the others wondering why they cant keep up.


Out of Office July 21-28

We will be out of the office for the Washington round of WORCS ATV racing the 24-26th at Straddleline. If your shocks are in the shop currently, they will be completed before we hit the road and if they are on the way, we may be servicing them in our mobile Service Center trailer on the road for immediate shipment upon our return. If you are a racer needing a last minute refresh, get them in to us by Tuesday and we will bring them to the race and be ready for practice on Friday! Thanks and if you are going, we'll see you there!!


Team MCR putting in the time...

Mike Cafro, Beau Baron and team, made the long trek to Washington last week to be sure the bikes have the best setup possible for round #7 WORCS ATV in Olympia, WA. The narrow woods and cooler temperatures are unique to the Northwest event in a series that tends to be heavy on the desert-type courses and higher temps. With rumor of some heavy hitters coming from the Nationals, we are looking forward to seeing Beau on top of the podium and closing that points gap and make it a sprint to the championship! We wish the best of luck to the MCR Team and see you in WA!


THE Amazing Race...

Forget the TV show... the Pro race this weekend was one of the most intense and exciting WORCS races ever! Elka racer Beau Baron and Can Ams Josh Frederick put on a serious display of talent, endurance and flat out speed. After 2 grueling hours of only about a 10 second gap with multiple lead changes, we saw the 2 racers (almost want to call them warriors at this point), coming into the hot pits side by side for the final lap. Congratulations to Josh for the hard fought win and thanks to you both for one of the most impressive battles ever.

Davi Haagsma made it look a little too easy as he flat dominated the entire Pro-Am class and took a 6th overall behind Elka Riders (in this order): Beau Baron, Dustin Nelson, Josh Row, and Mike Cafro. Nice job to all!!


Beau Baron wins Milford!

Congratulations to Beau Baron for taking the win at Rd #6 in Milford, CA. Team MCR is on a roll with their Elka shocks performing well at the highest level of competition in ATV racing. We are looking forward to seeing them in action this coming weekend at Cahilla Creek!



Dustin Nelson captures his first WORCS win this past weekend at Racetown 395! His Elka shocks worked flawlessly from the holeshot to the checkered flag with nearly a one-minute gap to 2nd place. Congratulations Dustin!