THE Amazing Race...

Forget the TV show... the Pro race this weekend was one of the most intense and exciting WORCS races ever! Elka racer Beau Baron and Can Ams Josh Frederick put on a serious display of talent, endurance and flat out speed. After 2 grueling hours of only about a 10 second gap with multiple lead changes, we saw the 2 racers (almost want to call them warriors at this point), coming into the hot pits side by side for the final lap. Congratulations to Josh for the hard fought win and thanks to you both for one of the most impressive battles ever.

Davi Haagsma made it look a little too easy as he flat dominated the entire Pro-Am class and took a 6th overall behind Elka Riders (in this order): Beau Baron, Dustin Nelson, Josh Row, and Mike Cafro. Nice job to all!!


Beau Baron wins Milford!

Congratulations to Beau Baron for taking the win at Rd #6 in Milford, CA. Team MCR is on a roll with their Elka shocks performing well at the highest level of competition in ATV racing. We are looking forward to seeing them in action this coming weekend at Cahilla Creek!